The Coombs Foundation provides the opportunity for low-income children to join their peers in activities on and off the ski slopes of Jackson Hole, supporting a healthy and integrated community for all of our children

It’s all about the kids

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History will define us by

the difference we make

in the everyday lives of children.

– Nelson Mandela

You can make a difference

by donating today


in winter-long ski instruction programs at Snow King

Skied for the first time

Skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Snow King

Kids ski racing in the Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard Club

Doug is at Our Core

Meet Doug

In our world, there will always be individuals who venture out of bounds, be they poets or painters, philosophers or scientists, explorers, or skiers of the steeps. We need these individuals. They show us what is possible.They show us that our world of fences, rules, and conventions is a constantly negotiated boundary and that it is possible to move it.

Peter Stark, Outside Magazine 1994